How Coolsculpting Treats the Stubborn Fat that Exercise & Diet Alone Can’t Spot Reduce

Coolsculpting series – Part 2.

In the second part of our 3-part Coolsculpting series, we address the difference between Coolsculpting and other methods to lose fat.

What makes Coolsculpting different from dieting or exercise?

A healthy diet and movement are important for our overall health and keeping weight down. But when you lose weight the traditional way, you simply reduce the SIZE of a fat cell. The fat cell itself still remains available for fat storage. Coolsculpting actually eliminates a fat cell permanently. It’s gone forever, and is no longer available as a cell for your body

I work out and eat well but wonder if I’m not doing enough. Maybe I just need to do more Pilates?

If you’ve heard you can’t spot reduce, it’s true. Diet and exercise help with our overall body weight but when you want to target a specific area, you can’t control where you lose through specific exercises. Coolsculpting reduces a bulge in a specific area by about 20% with each treatment.

Is Coolsculpting like liposuction?

They are similar because they are both permanent ways to reduce a fat bulge.

Smartlipo (laser liposuction) reduces a bulge by around 70% with one treatment and also tightens the skin significantly.

Back to Coolsculpting. The major benefit to Coolsculpting is no downtime. Laser liposuction requires people to lay low for a weekend. But, Smartlipo is much easier than traditional liposuction — it’s generally done in office under local anesthesia, the laser tightens the skin, and the treatment offers very smooth results.

We’ve offered both Coolsculpting and Laser Lipo treatments in Traverse City and Petoskey for about a decade.

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