IPL intense pulsed light at CSLC

IPL (aka Photofacial and BBL) fades age spots, brown spots, or redness with no downtime.

What we tell our patients: Toss your concealer! This is the work horse for even skin. Men and women love this 30-minute treatment to even skin tone.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) delivers light energy in multiple wavelengths to target and fade age spots or rosacea.

IPL skin rejuvenation in Naples, Traverse City and Petoskey helps:

  • Age Spots
  • Brown Spots
  • Rosacea
  • ON
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Chest
  • Body

“IPL is the treatment of choice for no-fuss. For women who say, ‘I really don’t like to wear makeup,’ this is it.”

Courtney Lo, PA and Founder

What is IPL like?

15 to 30-minute treatments

We treat the targeted area fast. IPL can be used on a couple of spots or on entire areas like face, neck, chest, limbs or hands.

IPL AfterCare

Immediately post treatment, your skin will be pink, which is easily covered with makeup. Sun spots will look darker for a week, then fade.

IPL expected results

One treatment helps. Best results are achieved with a series of 3-5 treatments. Maintain your results with an annual treatment.

Preserve your IPL results by using an SPF 30+ daily, avoiding the sun, and applying proper skincare that focuses on exfoliation.

Here’s a look at an IPL treatment in action at CSLC.

IPL skin rejuvenation in Traverse City, Petoskey, and Naples

Purchase a series of IPL and use them at any of our locations!

IPL Before and After Photos at
Cosmetic Skin & Laser Center

IPL before after
IPL before after
IPL before after
IPL before after

Client Testimonial

“This is a place I have looked at for two years and finally made an appointment. I’m so glad I did. The office clean and spa like. From my consultation and first ever treatment. I was informed. Amanda was patient and made me feel good and helped me develop a plan. I was so happy with the results from my IPL facial as well as my injections. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.”

Janine R.

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IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Frequently Asked Questions