forma skin tightening at CSLC

 Forma: a pain-free, no-downtime skin tightening treatment for smoother, firmer skin

What we tell our patients: Forma tightens the skin and rejuvenates the skin with radiofrequency. It is the perfect add-on to a facial or hydrafacial to maintain collagen.

See instant skin tightening and get long-term benefits with Forma (aka Forma Facial).

Forma skin rejuvenation is included in our Foundation Facial for collagen promotion.

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest &

“Forma is so relaxing you might fall asleep.
So transformational you’ll want it with every facial.”

Courtney Lo, PA and CSLC Medspa Clinical Director

Here’s a look at a Forma treatment in action at CSLC.

How Forma tightens skin and makes skin look smoother.


25 to 30-minute

Forma uses radiofrequency (RF) to deliver topical heat to the treated area. A gel is applied to help conduct the RF waves into your skin tissue. Forma skin rejuvenation is focused on the jawline, upper face, lower face or neck.


Instant skin tightening with continued improvement.

The RF waves instantly contract lax or puffy skin. (you’ll feel tighter, like your skin put on Spanx, after you leave the office) and the Forma continues to improve and tighten skin for days to weeks after the treatment.


Added benefits of Forma skin rejuvenation and tightening

The beautiful things about Forma are 1: Treatment is so pain-free it’s like getting a hot-stone massage during your lunch hour and 2: There’s no downtime and there are no marks; no one will know you’ve had anything done.

 InMode Forma skin rejuvenation and tightening treatment heats the deep layers of skin to 42-45°C. Maintaining that temperature for just a few minutes instantly contracts collagen and stimulates fibroblast activity.

In plain English, your skin looks younger and tighter.

youg old skin diagram

1. Collagen loss creates lumps and elasticity.
Every year after age 20, we lose 1% of our collagen, and in our 30s this loss becomes visible in the form of sagging, fine lines and lack of firmness.

2. Magnetic fields and radiofrequency help restore firmness.
Treatments like Forma “injure” the skin, which convinces our bodies to “repair the wound” and produce new collagen through a process called neocollagenesis.

Client Testimonial

“I love CSLC, and highly recommend.  Whether you are well versed in aesthetics or just curious how you might stifle some recently-noticed lines on your forehead, the well informed staff meets you where you’re at. The products, service and ambiance coupled with warm professionalism are top notch. I always leave there with a boosted outlook that I can age gracefully and feel good about it too.”

Heidi R.

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Forma Skin Tightening Frequently Asked Questions