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Laser Lift: the best nonsurgical alternative to a facelift

Laser Lift reduces volume, lifts, and tightens skin on the lower face, along the jawline, and under the chin.

“My sagging jawline was inherited. Laser Lift tightened my jaw and chin and restored a youthful face shape.” – Karmen, CSLC Master Aesthetician

Completely transform your chin, jowls, and neck in one 30 to 45-minute, in-office visit 

Whether you’ve got a double chin, sagging neck, or jowls due to the inevitable side effects of aging, Laser Lift is the best treatment option for reshaping a person’s jawline with little to no downtime.

  • Reduce
  • Lift
  • Restore
    “V shape”
  • Tighten
  • Reduce
    Double Chin
  • Eliminate

What is a Laser Lift?

A Laser Lift (sometimes referred to as LazerLift) is a minimally invasive, in-office treatment designed to reduce many signs of aging including, sagging skin, jowls, “turkey neck,” double chin, and excess neck fat. After this skin tightening treatment, patients often feel they've turned back the clock 10 years- see for yourself check out our before and afters of Laser Lift in our gallery.

Tighten your jawline and completely transform your chin, jowls, and neck in one 45-minute, in-office visit.

Pros and Cons of Laser Lift 


  • quick and efficient; most sessions can be completed in 45 minutes or less 
  • minimal discomfort 
  • reduced recovery time
  • minimal aftercare
  • fewer risks vs a surgical facelift 

✗ Cons

  • may need follow-up or touch-up appointments over time 
  • temporary swelling or bruising 
  • possible changes in skin pigmentation 
  • low chance of possible bacterial infection

Laser Lift vs Facelift Surgery vs FaceTite

laser lift facetite

Traditional surgical facelifts require hospitalization, anesthesia, and weeks of downtime, whereas the Laser Lift nonsurgical face lifting treatment is an in-office procedure that can be done in 45 minutes or less to tighten sagging skin on the neck or under the chin.

Featured on “The Doctors,” Laser Lift treatment gives patients dramatic tightening that lasts five years or more and permanent fat reduction under the chin and in the jowls. Most patients notice improvement within just a few days. Dr. Gustav Lo has more than a decade of experience performing Laser Lift procedures and has restored jawlines for over a thousand patients in Northern Michigan.

FaceTite by InMode also tightens facial skin without surgery with results that lasts five years or more. When combined with liposculpture or liposuction, permanent fat reduction under the chin and in the jowls is achieved. The primary difference between Laser Lift and FaceTite is the energy. FaceTite is a radiofrequency (RF) treatment instead of laser treatment. There are important but subtle differences which is why we offer both FaceTite and Laser Lift in Petoskey, Traverse City, and Naples.

Laser Lift Before & After Photos at
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laser lift before & after result
laser lift
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Client Testimonial

“I love everything about my experience at Cosmetic Skin & Laser Center! The staff displays professionalism, knowledge and good old kindness! Dr. Lo and Courtney lead by example – they are personable and engaging. Plus… I look AMAZING after having a laser lift. Just call, you are worth it!”

Angela D.

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