Regeneration with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) FAQ

We’re so excited to introduce our new Regenerative Division at CSLC. Harnessing the natural healing and regenerative power of PRP (platelet-rich plasma), we now have the ability to offer a multitude of treatment options to not only rejuvenate but regenerate from a cellular level. Looking to turn back the clock with your own golden healing serum? PRP is extremely versatile – it fills wrinkles, improves skin texture and hydration, reduces stretch marks and scars, restores vaginal health, enhances erectile quality, improves sexual response and dramatically increases hair density and quality. PRP has been used for for many years to treat a range of health issues, from arthritis and tendonitis to bladder dysfunction.

Blood has two main components: red blood cells and plasma. Plasma contains white blood cells and platelets, which are rich in growth factors. We harvest PRP by concentrating your platelets – it’s your own personal “golden serum.” When injected or topically applied to a wound, PRP releases those growth factors to attract stem cells, nutrients and new blood supply to the precise area it was placed. In aesthetics, we infuse it or inject it into the layers of the skin which induces collagen fibers, elastin production, and enhanced blood and nutrient flow. The result of this natural healing process is new youthful, healthy skin cells.


How is PRP harvested?

The PRP is isolated from a sample of your own blood at our office. The blood is placed in a centrifuge which spins and separates red blood cells from (and concentrates platelets into) the plasma. The plasma, now rich in platelets, is then injected using microfine needles or infused with microneedling.

How many treatments are recommended?

PRP treatments may be performed individually to maintain, preserve, or prevent. A series of 3 treatments 3-6 weeks apart provides the most corrective and rejuvenate results. Annual “touch up” treatments are ideal for maintaining.

How safe is PRP?

PRP is extremely safe. Since PRP is your own natural plasma, there is very little risk of any adverse event. Minor bruising, soreness and swelling is expected.

Is there anything else I should know?

Hydrate well on the day of your treatment for an easy blood draw. Results will be best if you avoid anti-inflammatories (Aspirin, Advil, Aleve, Ibuprofen) for 1-2 weeks after your treatment. Tylenol is recommended for any discomfort.

If you have microneedling or lasers, follow the specific aftercare provided to you. Some minor bruising, soreness and swelling is expected after PRP injections.


PRP Microneedling (aka “Vampire Facial”)

Utilizing microneedling, PRP is infused into the superficial dermis improving texture with acne scars, fine lines, or an aging neck or décolleté. Downtime is minimal and pink, dry skin generally resolves in 24 -48 hours.

PRP Lift

When placed precisely by one of our experienced injectors, PRP is effective as an “all natural filler.” It can also be combined with other dermal fillers (i.e. Restylane or Juvederm) or Sculptra for specific lines and targeted lift in the cheeks, undereyes and jawline. The PRP lift is an excellent age reversing treatment for clients looking for improved structure, youthful volume, and lift with the addition of progressive PRP benefits.

PRP Laser Boost

PRP is injected and topically applied on the same day as your ResurFX or FX treatment. Proven to decrease healing time, enhance results, and prolong improvement following laser and other energy treatments.

The O-Shot for Women

Thin skin doesn’t age well, whether it’s your eyelids or your vagina. The O-shot, used alone or in conjunction with ThermiVa, heightens orgasmic response, boosts lubrication, stimulates firmer vaginal skin, and reduces stress incontinence. After PRP is harvested, topical numbing is applied and microfine needles are used to place the PRP just in the areas that matter most. This long-lasting treatment may be repeated every 6-12 months. Sexual function is enhanced and may be resumed immediately.

The P-Shot for Men

The P-shot offers men a natural solution for stronger, longer, more sustainable erections — generally immediately. After PRP is harvested, the penis is numbed with topical cream for 20 minutes, followed by a nerve block to ensure a comfortable treatment. PRP is then injected painlessly into the skin utilizing microfine needles. This 30-minute treatment has little to no downtime and is essentially free of side effects. Sexual activity may be resumed immediately.

PRP for Hair Restoration

Anyone with thinning hair from aging, stress, or genes is a candidate for PRP. PRP naturally increases hair count, hair thickness, and prolong the growth phase of the hair cycle. Discomfort is minimal during and after the procedure; most clients receive injections with only topical numbing, although an injected nerve block is available.

Best results are seen after a series of 3 treatments performed every 4-6 weeks. See and feel results after 2-3 treatments with an average of 33% increase in hair density and thickness after 6 months. One annual treatment is recommended to maintain improvement.

PRP for Breast Rejuvenation

This treatment is for women who are happy with their breast size but would love to rejuvenate the skin on and around the breasts for more youthful tone, restored fullness, and subtle lift. Some patients report it helps them regain sensitivity in areas where it’s diminished as well.

PRP for Stretch Marks & Scars

Although nothing eliminates scars or stretch marks completely, the regenerative effects of PRP combined with lasers and microneedling gives the best results of any known treatment.

CSLC corrective lasers, injections, and RF treatments are extremely effective at improving the appearance and functioning of aging cells and stimulate a natural healing response. However, PRP dramatically elevates the regenerative response of your cells after these treatments, which prolongs and enhances the results. Annual maintenance treatments available.