Trending: Prejuvenation in your 20s and 30s


There’s no question that millennials and Gen Z are different from generations before, but when it comes to fighting signs of aging, they are leading the way in the world of beauty with “prejuvenation.”

What is prejuvenation?

Prejuvenation, a combination of the words prevention and rejuvenation, aims to capture both the preventative and restorative approach to cosmetic treatments that young adults are beginning to utilize like never before.

Instead of later in life trying to rewind the effects of aging, an increasing number of young adults in their 20s and young 30s are undergoing cosmetic treatments earlier to stop the effects – before damage is created.

What are the benefits?

The truth is, it is much easier to delay the onset of aging skin. Prejuvenation can be as simple as applying sunscreen and good skincare practices to preventive cosmetic treatments.

The most common signs of aging skin are wrinkles or fine lines on the skin. Preventive Botox (or neuromodulators) is one of the most popular ways to prevent fine lines from worsening into deep wrinkles.

In addition to reducing the appearance of wrinkles, other cosmetic treatments are designed to maintain youthful skin. These treatments can range from dermal filler, which increases collagen production, to treatments that fade your skin’s hyperpigmentation.

Am I too young to receive cosmetic treatments?

Rather than being reactive (treating after significant damage), prejuvenation is proactive.

Receiving cosmetic treatments in your 20s allows you to be proactive and prevent signs of aging. It allows you to take control rather than just watching it happen to you. At any age, you should feel and look like the best version of yourself.

Millennials are no longer interested in waiting around for that first line, under-eye hollow or “11’s” between their brows. Why wait, when you can prevent them from forming in the first place?

Prejuvenation is rising steadily. According to a study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 565,000 minimally invasive cosmetic procedures were performed on Americans between the ages of 20 and 29 in 2019.*

The importance of collagen

As we age, the body begins to produce less collagen. Collagen is the firming and moisture-retaining component of skin. With loss of collagen, skin becomes thinner, drier, and less firm and bouncy.

The results of collagen loss are one of the main reasons why young adults feel the need to begin cosmetic treatments. Collagen depletion begins as early as your 20s, so it’s never too early to start putting preventative measures in place.

Collagen is arguably one of the most important proteins found in the body. Once lost, it can be restored with treatments that help your body reproduce it.

At Cosmetic Skin & Laser Center, we offer many rejuvenating treatments for young adults to take control of their aging process. Treatments that prevent the signs of aging, and help your body restore collagen are offered in our Petoskey and Traverse City offices. These treatments include Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, threads, microneedling, PRP / PRF, biostimulators, and more to help you look and feel the best version of yourself at any age.

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