Love That Lift – Today’s Advanced Technology Restores Your Jawline

Let’s talk about lift. We all want it, and today’s lift isn’t your mother’s lift.

Advanced technologies yield dramatic yet natural results (think 10 years off your age) without the invasive and complicated facelifts of 20+ years ago.


A Laser Lift + FaceTite procedure is your little secret for a youthful jawline and neckline. What makes it different (and infinitely better) than a traditional facelift is the downtime is minimal (one weekend versus two weeks) and you don’t need to undergo general anesthesia or be in a hospital environment.

At CSLC, Dr. Gustav Lo, MD has performed more than 2,000 Laser Lift treatments on men and women of all ages. This minimally invasive procedure uses the Smartlipo laser technology to slim, tighten, and lift the lower face and neck. The improvement is dramatic and lasts at least 5 years. NEW InMode FaceTite can be combined with Laser Lift to aid in further tightening utilizing radiofrequency energy.

“Laser Lift was the single most effective procedure I’ve done,” Donna Hasenauer. “I was floored to see my jawline return and excited not to wear as many scarves!”


  • You’re dissatisfied with the fullness or sagging of your jawline. You want to avoid or postpone a facelift.
  • You want more tightening from a previous facelift.

Best of all? No stitches. No scalpels. No scars.


1 We put a numbing anesthetic through tiny, 2mm punctures in your skin.

2 Laser energy melts the jowls and excess fat under your chin. The laser then heats your skin to an optimal temperature, which promotes skin tightening. Liquefied fat is gently suctioned out with precision. Dr. Lo will determine if it is best to use only laser technology or if your results would be heightened by the addition of the FaceTite radiofrequency device.

3 Post-procedure, we’ll give you a head wrap (similar to an ace bandage) to wear around the clock for 3 days, then only at night for 7 days.