Between Fillers and the Facelift Lies the Trifecta

FaceTite and Morpheus8 with just a tiny amount of fat removal combined in a single treatment becomes the perfect combination for lifting, tightening, and contouring the lower face and neck.

“Everyone who wants to maintain their facial shape needs collagen stimulators like Sculptra and volumizing fillers like Contour or Voluma. That’s a given,” Courtney Lo, CSLC Clinical Director reminds us. “The very first thing that happens is that we lose volume in the upper  face,” leading to skin sagging around the eyes and cheeks. But what about the lower face? “Filler and threads maintain lift in the lower face – for a while. But eventually there’s jowling or laxity in the neck, and we need other solutions short of a facelift.”

1. Skin losing elasticity or structure? Solution: Morpheus8

Problem #1 is the skin. “Skin loses elasticity as we age, just like clothes that get baggy when Spandex weakens,” Lo says. Tightening and firming the top layers of skin by increasing collagen has long been the goal, “but nothing has ever done it as well as Morpheus,” she explains. Unlike external heat treatments, Morpheus uses an array of tiny gold-tipped needles that penetrate a few millimeters into the skin and then deliver RF energy to trigger a healing response. Result: more collagen (and more structural rejuvenation) than any other treatment we’ve seen. A series of 3 treatments about 4 weeks apart gives the biggest and longest lasting collagen boost you can get. Morpheus alone needs only topical numbing cream, but when combined with FaceTite, local anesthetic is used.

2. In need of tightening the skin under your neck? Solution: FaceTite

Problem #2 is that deeper connective tissues don’t cling as tightly to the jawline and neck as they used to. “What we really want to do is shrink-wrap the deeper tissues so they outline your original facial shape.” Lo describes FaceTite as “a way of getting great tightening and lift without doing real surgery.” RF energy is again the method of tightening the tissues, but instead of needles and surface numbing, a small probe is inserted beneath the skin after local anesthetic. Moving back and forth to treat the tissue evenly can tighten skin up to 30%, the best research-proven results of any energy based procedure to date. “Think about reducing the amount of skin under your neck by about a third – it sounds real good to our clients who don’t want a facelift but can’t stand their side view on Zoom anymore.”

3. In need of reducing the bulge below your chin or reducing jowls? Solution: Liposculpture

Problem #3 is that inherited bulge some of us develop beneath the chin. “It’s not universal at all, but it’s universally despised by those of us who have it!” Lo tells us. Morpheus and FaceTite tighten, firm, and lift “but they can’t actually eliminate fatty tissue.” So those bulges in the jowls, or under the chin? “It’s not much, sometimes only a teaspoon or two. But it has to go.” With the FaceTite device, adding suction to remove a few teaspoons of fat is simple and dramatically boosts the end result. “And that fat removal is permanent,” Lo adds.

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How it works:

1. Complimentary consultation with one of our Physician Associates for assessment and education.

2. Pre-service appointment with Dr. Gustav Lo to review your medical history and plan treatments.

3. Treatment day can be combined with your pre-service appointment or on a separate day. Most patients have a driver and take medication to relax them during the treatments.

4. Recovery involves wearing a head wrap 24 hours a day for 3 days and 12 hours for 7 days with a recovery balm for the Morpheus.

5. Results are visible with liposculpture within a week, Morpheus in 2-4 weeks, and FaceTite at about 3 months. The best results are at 6 months.

“For me, it was about prevention as much as correction. I know my genes and I’m determined to avoid a facelift but maintain my profile.” – Karmen Endress, CSLC Master Aesthetician & Laser Specialist

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