Why Should I Pay for Aesthetic Treatments?

The value of aesthetic treatments is more than the external outcomes like lifted skin or fewer fine lines. It’s how they transform how you feel inside that makes the most meaningful change in your life.

“I used to think getting aesthetic treatments was vain,” says Kathy C. of Traverse City. “But now I see my quarterly Botox and filler injections as one of the most essential investments I make to help me feel better about myself when I show up at a management meeting or go out on a date.”

The biggest benefit to aesthetic treatments we consistently see at CSLC for ourselves and our patients is a feeling of confidence. Undergoing aesthetic treatments doesn’t necessarily mean you hate what you see in the mirror. It’s entirely possible to be comfortable in your own body and skin and desire to enhance your unique features.

One of our slogans is “when you look better, you feel better” and there’s scientific research that backs it up.

Botox improves quality of life.


“We have long known the physically enhancing benefits of Botox treatments, but to now have data that indicates Botox also improves one psyche, self-esteem and quality of life is very significant,” says Steven H. Dayan, MD, FACS at the Chicago Center for Facial Plastic Surgery and lead investigator in a study about the effects of Botox injections on quality of life and self-esteem.


It’s not just Botox that brings value to people’s lives. Our expansive menu of treatments like Thermiva and the Oh! Shot significantly enhance the quality of women’s sex lives, resulting in faster, better and longer-lasting orgasms, more comfortable sex, and even reduction of stress incontinence.

“Aesthetic treatments don’t just help you feel better. They also help eliminate all the little things every day that bug you,” says CLSC Clinical Director Courtney Lo. “As we age, these add up and take a toll on how we feel about ourselves.”

Frown lines frustrate patients of all ages and are preventable or reversable.


These little annoyances are often felt in the background of our lives, Lo says, and patients are surprised to learn that the small frown lines that prematurely age you, or the excessive sweating in the summer that stains white t-shirts can all be either greatly reduced or eliminated completely.

One common issue we see is patients who spend hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars each year on face creams that don’t last and can’t deliver the level of collagen-inducing, lifting and firming results that many of our in-office procedures accomplish in an hour or less, often for around the same cost.

Imagine the impact to your self-confidence of showing up at your next in-person or zoom meeting with baby smooth skin after an FX laser treatment, or feeling sexier in shorts in the summer after an in-office Smartlipo treatment that permanently reduces saddlebags.

One of our patients, Karen, hated the spider veins that had plagued her since her early 20s.

“They’re partly genetic, and partly due to being a flight attendant,” Karen told us.

Sclerotherapy reduced her veins in just 3 treatments. The result for Karen?

“Now when I shave, I notice I feel much better about my legs. I like looking at them again.”

Aesthetic treatments help make your every day life more comfortable and easier.


Speaking of shaving, you can permanently remove that unwanted hair, too, with laser hair removal. Prepare to declutter everything from razors (laser hair removal) to concealer (laser treatments) and panty liners (ThermiVa for stress incontinence). All the ways, big and small, you try to mitigate the things on your skin or body that annoy you add up: aesthetic treatments help reduce all the overload and ongoing maintenance of your life.

You maintain and update your home—don’t you deserve that level of self-care, too? So many of our services simply delivery a worry-free life.

5 ways aesthetic treatments help you feel better:


1. Reduce stress

2. Improve self-esteem

3. Decrease depression

4. Increase confidence

5. Improve your sex life

Self-care isn’t indulgent: it’s necessary. It helps reduce stress, improve self-esteem and increase confidence, which can impact everything from your performance on the job to how you feel showing up on a first date.

Whether you’re in your 20s and  gloss your lips with some superficial Restylane Kysse injections  to feel just a little perkier when you meet your friends for lunch, or you’re in your 80s, fully comfortable in your own skin and spoil yourself with a medical grade facial just to get a little boost (like the spring in your step you feel after you leave the salon), aesthetic treatments bring empowerment and confidence to your life on a daily basis.

Maintaining your treatments each quarter helps create a self-care ritual year long: just like touching up your roots or getting a massage, ongoing aesthetic treatments are a tangible way you can tell yourself “I matter. I care about me.”

The outward benefits (everything from improved skin tone to softening of wrinkles or reduced body fat) are meaningful. It’s your inner transformation—the subtle ways treatments help you feel better every day—that are priceless.