How to Combat Covid-19 Weight Gain with Body Sculpting

Have you heard about the “other” covid-19? It’s 2021’s version of the Freshman 15.

42% of people gained weight during covid. The stressful and sedentary nature of last year disrupted people’s fitness routines and triggered weight gain—an average of 30 pounds.

If you’re part of the 42%, you definitely aren’t alone, and we hope you’re back on the right track to a healthier weight and better exercise routine. Although we love our body sculpting procedures, none of them replace the health benefits of weight loss.

But given just how many people gained considerable weight, it probably won’t surprise you that our body sculpting procedures are in high demand this Spring:

  • Coolsculpting for a no-downtime freezing of fat
  • Morpheus to smooth, shrink and tighten skin on the body
  • Laser or RF lipolysis to remove the stubborn bulges that diet and exercise don’t seem to budge.

It’s probably no shocker to you that our laser lipolysis requests are surging almost as much as weight gain statistics.

But you might not know that our Smartlipo and RFAL (radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis)  are done right in the office, with just local anesthesia and laughing gas. And—although we still use the cannula to remove the fat (like the 1990s-era visuals that comes up in everyone’s mind) — this definitely isn’t the procedure it was 20 years ago.

What’s different? Old liposuction was done under general anesthesia and—since no laser was used to liquefy the fat before removal—the cannula (or fat removal tool) was larger.

 A larger cannula made for longer recovery times AND more post-procedure bruising and swelling.

The modern method of liquefying fat prior to removal has other benefits besides the smaller cannula—primarily awesome results.

Laser liposuction results in precise, dramatic, and smooth transitions. Think graceful shapes and curves.

By comparison, old liposuction couldn’t offer dramatic fat reduction without risking lumpy or uneven results. And precise body sculpting or “artlipo” was out of the question.

We’ve been offering laser liposuction for about 15 years, and it keeps getting better as aesthetics continues to advance. Our most common patients? Perimenopausal women, mommy body makeovers, and men with stubborn love handles.

The peri- or post-menopausal woman has either gained a few pounds from hormonal changes or noticed a change in her body’s  shape that interferes with how her clothes fit. It seems to happen to virtually everyone during menopause.

We also see women who really haven’t accumulated more fat but simply have more loose skin around their bras or waistlines. Morpheus and Smartlipo can contract and tighten that skin without major surgery or cutting.

Post-childbirth, many women get down to their pre-pregnancy weight but are frustrated when a few stubborn bulges remain. Depending on the number of areas, Coolsculpting and Smartlipo can be great options and Morpheus is a nice addition to tighten skin and smooth stretch marks.

As for men? They seem to like “one-and-done” treatments. 10-15 pounds has just crept up on them over a decade or two, and Smartlipo is part of helping them get back on track to a leaner abdomen.

Coolsculpting has no downtime, which is its biggest advantage and why treatments have risen every year.

Laser lipolysis has the benefit of precise, dramatic results in one treatment vs 20% fat reduction per treatment with Coolsculpting.

Most of us at CSLC have had laser liposuction and our recovery was just a weekend— then we were back to work.

Since we’re all now used to staying home for a few days, that weekend recovery is almost a welcomed guilty pleasure – bringing us back the peaceful nature of early quarantine. But don’t rest too long—as the past 18 months have shown us, being sedentary isn’t good for anyone’s health or silhouette.