leslie chill

Project & Marketing Manager

Leslie Wahlstrom

Leslie attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for Advertising and Marketing in NYC, the University of Louisville for Communications, and graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Ferris State University. She’s been with Cosmetic Skin & Laser Center since 2015 and is proud of all we’ve come to achieve as a team.

Her strengths in marketing, communications, project direction, copywriting, and editing along with advertising design make her a unique and growth-inspiring member of our team.

Originally from Louisville, KY, Leslie worked bicoastally in the beauty industry on both the east coast NYC and west coast LA markets before making the move to northern Michigan. Her ambition and passion for the beauty and skincare industries, along with her attention to detail within both project and creative management, have made her part of what makes our Cosmetic Skin & Laser Center team thrive.