RegenCen & CSLC Master Provider, Master Injector

Katherine Hillig, NP-C

Katherine specializes in brow lifts, the dreaded ‘11s’, crows feet, lip flips and reversing signs of aging with discreet yet effective use of fillers in the cheeks, chin, hands and lips. After training under Dr Howlin, I follow her ‘less is more’ philosophy, with natural and stunning results.

She also offers health and wellness coaching. This is a physician led, science based “Optavia” program addressing life long changes in health habits. We focus on achieving optimal health: healthy weight, balanced nutrition, increased energy and sleep quality while reducing inflammation.

Kat is originally from New Zealand but recently relocated from Colorado with her husband and two boys to be closer to family. Kat and her family are loving all that Michigan has to offer, particularly in the summer!