joz RN

CSLC Master Provider, Master Injector, Aesthetic Consultant

Jozlynne Cross, RN


Jozlynne’s passion for aesthetics led her to join our team as an aesthetic nurse injector after four years of experience in medicine as a Surgical Technologist.

Jozlynne is part of our #1 Sculptra team in Michigan and top-ranked 15 Galderma Injectors in the U.S. She has a well-developed aesthetic eye for maintaining facial beauty and shape throughout the decades. Her precise, advanced filler techniques allow her to achieve beautiful, natural lip enhancement and under eye correction with fillers and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or fibrin (PRF).

Joz is a Thread Lift expert with MINT threads, NovaThreads, or Instalift threads.

As a master provider, Joz also offers skin rejuvenation treatments like IPL, laser resurfacing, and microneedling.

She provides individualized aesthetic consults and addressing the aging face with a multimodality treatment approach for the most natural results.

Her engaging personality, artistic eye, and medical background from a multitude of treatment certifications put clients immediately at ease. When not at the Cosmetic Skin and Laser Center helping patients refresh their appearance, Joz loves to be outside with her dogs and husband, bake, and work out.