Restylane Kysse: The Latest Filler for the Most Natural-Looking, Full Lips

We’re not usually ones to Kysse and tell, but when it comes to the latest FDA-approved hyaluronic acid lip filler Restylane Kysse, we can’t stop spilling the tea.

“There’s a reason Kysse rapidly became a staff favorite after it was brought to the market in Spring of 2020,” says CSLC Master Injector Jette Wichmann. “Not only does it create the most natural, seamless volume and fullness in lips, but it lasts longer than other lip fillers.”

Kysse differs from other hyaluronic acid fillers because it uses a special formulation called XPresHan Technology, a gel that results in a more natural expression in motion versus the firmer, more “stiff” look sometimes seen in other lip injection products. “It allows us integrate the Russian lip techniques and place tiny droplets of filler vertically into the lip, compared to lines of filler along the border, says Wichmann. This technique volumizes the lip body without any increase in lip projection.

“We’ve found the finished result is both more natural AND plumper,” says Wichmann. “Patients who’ve used other lip fillers before Kysse report back to us it feels better and more easily integrated into their lips. They love the balance between more volume and a softer finish.”

As we age, sun and collagen loss leads to lip wrinkles. Kysse comes to the rescue with its smoothing capabilities that reduce lip lines and help take your expression from semi-wrinkled frown to youthful, plump pout.

Wake up glossed!

Another effect we love? Lips look hydrated with Kysse. The technology in the filler attracts water to the lips, giving a “glossed” external finish and enhanced lip color.

“This is the first filler we’ve injected where patients report it looks like they’re wearing a bit of lip gloss,” says CSLC Founder Courtney Lo.

Clinical studies have shown Kysse requires around 20% less product to achieve the same results as other fillers. When you combine that with its potential to last almost a year, it becomes a cost-effective lip treatment for patients who want to save money, time, or both.

Kysse is versatile, too. Whether it’s for patients in their 20s and 30s who seek the modern enhanced lip look or patients in their 50s and 60s who simply want to replace lost lip volume, Kysse is our favorite recommendation for easy enhancement of your lips that help you look like yourself…but better.